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I just upgraded my old computer and the RAM is (as advertised) supposed to be DDR3 1333 MHz and its reading as 1066 MHz in the bios. The timings in the BIOS are also off because the timings are supposed to be 9-9-9-24 and in the bios they read 8-8-8-20. Every time I set the settings to the way they are supposed to be the computer crashes and I have to reset the BIOS manually to get it to start again. Please help with any advice on how to get the ram running the right way.

Here is a parts list of the parts that I bought: Processor power supply RAM MOBO

Any suggestions?
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  1. First, search the bios for an "xmp" setting and enable it. If your board doesn't have this option, use the manual setting and bring up the options. 1333 will be listed. I don't recommend changing the ram timings. Let the board select those for you. Here's another post about xmp:
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