Video card problem

Hello all
I got unseen situation up to me.
My brother was playing with computer until computer freezed and after 3-4s restarted then
computer cannot start up because monitor is always black , its like no signal.
I conscious that is video card fault because its coolers started blow strongly
so i removed it than computer start up without any sounds.
I tryed to clean computer, and computer was 1 day without electrical power.

So i need help! thnx for advice
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  1. I don`t understand. Did you just remove video card or only video card cooler?
    Sound: That happened to me only one time before and I just remove Sound card driver and installed it again. Good luck.
  2. I removed video card then computer started without any sounds.(ofcourse without any screen because no vga)
    When i put video card, collers of video card always blows strongly and computer shows always black screen.
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