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Hey guys,

I am looking for case fans and a cpu cooler. My system specs are phenom ii x2 555 stock. i will not be overclocking or core-unlocking the cpu. My case is a plane old lian li black case with only one case fan in the front. Radeon HD5750 for Graphics I have a 400w silver stone psu powering it all.

The building the computer is in stays between 70 and 85, and cooling the building is not an option. i am not against the idea of placing a box fan on the floor pointing at the comp.

I am looking for a better cpu fan, and possibly case fans as well. This is just an every day daily use/slight gaming build. If you have better ideas for lowering the temp inside the comp please feel free to pitch in.

Currently the cpu/hdd are running between 45 at idle and 50-58 at full load. This is too hot for me. Please help
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  1. You can get this assuming your RAM is not extra tall.
    What case fans can you add to your case? 120mm?
  2. With a processor like that, and most others if you're not overclocking, you'll have no need at all for a non-stock CPU cooler.
    Your temperatures are absolutely fine. What do you mean by "too hot"? You could do better than that, and case fans would help more than a cpu fan if you insist on doing so, but you really don't need to worry about those temperatures.
  3. What if I decided to use core unlocking to unlock it to a dual or tri core cpu to run more virtual machines?
  4. Pretty much all scythe fans work really good. It depends on how much noise you want. Also a Cooler Master 212 would work perfectly fine with your setup. Just make sure you have fans on it with some power or it won't be that effective
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