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Hi all. I have been away from building for a few years and I have to build a unit for a friend who is an international trader. One of the big things is being able to run multiple monitors displaying different things at the same time. I have $2000.00 to spend on the unit. Can you please give some advice on video cards, set up and general hardware or software advice. Thank you in advance.
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  1. This goes in the systems section

    $2000 with the monitors or without them?
  2. With out monitors.
    Capable of running up to 5 monitors at a time, a couple of those will give him a lot of screen space to work with, if he needs a bit more graphics muscle then a couple of the 5870 eyefinity editions can handle 6 screens each, they are a bit more but 2 of them gives you 12 screens, both cards would require all screens to have a display port connector.
  4. Thank you for the links. Please excuse my ignorance, I see 2 DVI adapters. If I wanted more that 2 monitors, I guess I would have to get more adapters? What are the other adapters for?
  5. In the 5870's packaging there are 2 Mini-DP to DVI adapters, 1 Mini-DP to HDMI, and 1 Mini-DP to DP adapter. The card will only support up to 2 DVI monitors on passive adapters, but if he is going to be getting new monitors just make sure to look for ones with display port inputs and it wont need adapters.
  6. OK, I think I am beginning to get this through my thick skull. So, the next questions. Can I run the 2 DVi and an HDMI at the same time? Can I run of the display ports and the HDMI at the same time? It looks like there will be 2 to 3 monitors and 1 tv running at the same time. Sorry I am being a pain. I am very grateful for your time.
  7. The 5xxx series cards natively output in display port, there are two decoders per card to change it into the signal carried by HDMI/DVI(they carry the same video signal) so you can only run up to two DVI or HDMI screens at a time without another adapter, there are supposed to be some special Mini-DP to single link DVI adapters that are cheap and handle it but i cant find any. If its only going to be 2 monitors and a TV you could use a normal 58xx card and find an active adapter for the last screen.
  8. active adapter? = video card? So, no matter how I set up my video displays (DVI or DP) when I ust the HDMI I can only run 2 displays?
  9. When using 2 monitors on a 5000 card you can use whatever combination of DVI and HDMI, Or also the 2 DVIs, but when adding a third monitor you HAVE to use the DP no matter what.

    This is all you need:
  10. Thanks. So, can I use 1 HDMI, 1DP and 1 DVI at the same time?
  11. yes
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