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I have a issue with my keyboard that I was hoping someone would have some answers. I have just done a fresh restore and was having no issues at all. I am not sure what started it, but now when I go into any game both the keyboard and mouse buttons work seemingly when they want to. I was curious what was happening so I launched the controls options in Minecraft. I then went to the forward control which says W as the key that is used. So i decided I would change it. I typed P, and it shows a 1. I type it again random number. I tried another key same random number. if I am in anything other than a game every key works without Issue. I have check re-checked drivers removed uninstalled changed USB ports checked hot keys stickys region languge and everything I could imagine. Updated every driver, all windows updates.... total fresh copy. I even reset the bios. I am very perplexed by this being a game only issue. I even made sure direct X was fresh and current. I Have no idea Please help
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  1. on the minecraft forums theres a post about this ... so it appears to be minecraft related... try another game that isnt java/web based and see if it still does it. if it does maybe try another kb and mouse (ps2 perhaps).
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