No idea whats wrong with my pc, need help.

Alright so back in november near the end of it, i bought upgrades for my computer an i70 950, sabertooth x58, 6gig corsair. The install went fine, i did notice my computer at first only recognized 4gb of ram, so then i just changed what slot i had each stick of ram in and then it recognized 6gb. My problem i am having now is only when i try to play a game, the sound starts to distort a bit then my computer just restarts on it own, then when it boots up it asks if i want to start in safe mode or normal and what not, the normal thing it asks when ur pc shuts down wrong. This problem started a week ago i leave my pc on all the time never had problem, i played wow all day that day like i have before then i decided to play some BC2 and then thats when my computer crashed and this whole thing happened. I updated the drivers to my video card, scanned my pc for viruses and what not, then i did a hard drive error check to see if there is any bad sectors, after running that i came back to my pc the next day which was yesterday and it was working fine, i could play my games and no crashing, but today i come back to my computer it did a windows update and now the problem is happening again, but my pc will not crash when im not in a game. the temps to all my hardware is not bad, my highest temp is 70c, which i think is my video card it just says aux on speed fan. so i honest have no idea whats wrong with my computer if i could get some help that would be awesome.

i7 950
sabertooth x58
6gb corsair tripple channel
500gb WD HD (3 1/2 years old)
HIS 4870 1gb slightly factory overclocked (lil over a year old)
600w PS (3 1/2 years old)
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  1. Hello hayze;
    Have you tested your RAM? Run MemTest86+ for several passes (5 or more) to check your memory for possible errors.
    If it turns up errors try running 1 stick at a time and see if you might have a bad stick.
    Also try running in different slots.
  2. i ran memtest over the night and it went through 8 tests and passed them all.
    could i possibly be having a hard drive problem?
    i also ran memtest right after the problem occured as well.
    another thing i noticed not sure if it was just a fluke or something but i went almost a week with no problems then i ran steam my computer did the same thing just did the weird screen distortion real fast and sound then restarted, but then i again later after it rebooted i did not run steam and it happened again.
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    hi haze,
    try running prime95 for around 6-10 hours
    if it's fine, turn it off and run furmark for around 5 hours
    if that's fine, run both together for 6-10 hours
    that'll help you isolate what the problem is
    personally, i think you may have a psu problem because the i7 950 is a real power hog
  4. alright i will test that out.
    but if you thinking it is a PSU problem, i might agree with because my PSU is not that great of quality and actually does kinda make sense why this is happening.
    i have had that since nov of 2007, and i have had to buy so many extra connectors for it to get all my hardware to power up, so im thinking i should just upgrade to better anyways.
  5. would this power supply be good enough for my computer?
  6. no no no, the i7 950 drains ALOT of power, the 4870 isn't exactly an efficient graphics card either,
    I'd say, to be safe, to go in around the 650 W-700 W area, that'll give you room to upgrade in the future and will ensure your psu isn't screwing up your computer
  7. ok that is what i was thinking, but this guy on a different forum told me that 500w is enough, even said my system uses less than 400w, which i found very hard to find.
    do you have any suggestions on what PSU to go with?
    I was looking at this one
    but $90 is kinda high =/, but then again i do have a high end pc so skimping on this would be bad lol.
  8. yes, Corsair is probably one of the best PSU makers
  9. ok so i ran OCCT and prime95 just now.
    when i ran OCCT after 1 minute of my CPU being understress it would stop the test and say CPU too hot, but my temps only reached 80c.
    then when i did the stress test on prime95 i ran it for 2 min and my temps where hitting the 90's so i stopped, i know it could go a lil higher but i didn't want to take the risk or possibly hurting my CPU.
    I am using the stock cooler, but when i play my games such as BC2 my CPU temp is at a solid 70c.
    One thing I did notice every time i ran the stress test on both programs the fan inside my PSU would start to make a raddling vibrating sound (which i have had for a year or so now off and on with my old specs). once i stopped the tests the sound would go away.
    So i kinda want to safely assume that it is my power supply, because when it crashes during LoL i know that game doesn't take much system requirements at all.
    with all that being said what would a good cpu cooler be for my processor? i'm not really looking to overclock at all, i might when i have the money to set up a water cooling system and get a much better case than i have right now.
    i been looking around the web and i been seeing that the Coolmaster hyper 212 plus is good to use. (kinda in my price range as well, willing to pay $40-50, but if i don't need to id much prefer that).
    But i am going to order a new PSU, going to go with this one because its only $10 more than the 650w (i have a promo code).
  10. Yeah, get the CM 212, great deal
    your temps may be a problem also
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