Was thinking of purchasing led uv case fans from xoxide.com I've seen other videos where people have had these exact same fans, but I can't tell if that it the fans natural blue glow or with the help of some sort of uv cathode case accessory. Here is one of the images and a video where the person had the same fans.



The one inside the Cooler Master V8 looks awesome.

Thoughts, comments, etc....?
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  1. The one in the youtube is a standard LED however if you are wanting it for things like wrapping for cables and other UV painted items then you will want to invest into a blacklight cathode.
    The one from xoxide just looks like the green led fans but has another color blue cathode mounted at the top of the case >.> which is kind of weird looking.

    Besides the more led fans you use instead of standard fans the brighter the inside of your case will be anyway. Just try not to overboard and buy different shades or you will end up with weird shades of brown. ^.^ like mixing red green and blue
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