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6850<5850<6870... WHICH TO BUY?

Hey guys. This is my first actual post on this forum, but it seems really good with good advice. I'm on the market for a graphics card that will last me at least 3 years. I've got an OCZ 700w PSU, a Quad Core Phenom, and a Radeon 4550. The latter must go.

So my budget is around $230 MAXIMUM. Anything more than that shipped is out of the picture. Rebates are fine by me.
I'm looking at the 6850's. They seem pretty good, but then I found a 5850 for the same price that was better for raw power. Then I decided to look at some 6870's, and I like them too. The 6850 and 5850 are both $185 shipped before tax. The 6870 is $230 after a rebate.

Gigabyte 6850:

Sapphire 6850:

XFX 5850:

XFX 6870:

I also found a HIS 5850 for only $169, but I've heard they're customer service is 'nonexistent'.
I've heard XFX has cheap PCB's, but they seem to be the most popular, too.
The Gigabyte seems great, and has dual fans.
The Sapphire seems lackluster, but they are a trusted name, and I will get that one if I decide on the Gigabyte if the Gigabyte is out of stock.

I'm probably getting the Gigabyte or Sapphire, but I'm really looking for advice. My current main game is Bad Company 2, and I want to be able to crush that. Any of these cards will, but which will last 3 years and has good customer service? I might even get a 1 year extended warrantee for the ones with 2 year warranties to make it through that last year.

I will overclock like mad, and my case has about 5+ fans, so heat isn't an issue unless the heats are insane.

Unless the 6870 is really worth it, I'm really looking at a Gigabyte or Sapphire 6850 against an XFX 5850. Which should I get??

Oh, and Crossfiring is out of the picture, because my MOBO has one PCIEx16 and one PCIE x4. Huge bottleneck, but I dont have the money for a new one or crossfire anyway. CF scaling is not important, either.

I will probably get the XFX 5850 if i can, or if the rebate ends, the Gigabyte 6850. I was looking at 5770's a month back, so wither is great. Did I mention I have the HORRID 4550? ITS HORRIBLE! Anything is a step up!

EDIT: No, not a step. A Colossal Leap!
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  1. I'm also trying to keep it under $200, but if the proformance is worth it, I will go up to $230. Thanks in advance!
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    That XFX 5850 is a killer deal.
    It also has lifetime warranty.
    I suggest that.
  3. Alright. Thats what I was thinking. Any info on the cheap PCB or anything? How about the benefit of the 6850's optimized shaders and not running on correct drivers yet? If i can convince my dad to let me get the 5850 now, I will, but if not should I get the Gigabyte? Thanks.
  4. Also, GREAT PRICE . Not sure about customer service or any issues. Its a HIS 5850.

    and a Diamon 5850. I'll still try to get the XFX, but maybe the HIS if they are a good buisness. I don't really doubt their hardware.

    So ill go for the XFX 5850, and if I can't get that, I'll get the Gigabyte 6850. I won't get the HIS until someone give their stories with them.
  5. I have the xfx 5850 and it has been a good gpu for me.
  6. Can anybody tell me what would be the benefit, if any, of going with a 6850 over a 5850 or 5870? I currently have a 5770 and would like to jump into the 6800 series but is it worth it?
  7. I would say that if you have a 5770, and can't return it, that you should wait until the 6850's come down in price. Remember, the 6850 is the new 5830, which is only a few steps up from a 5770. The 5770's came down in price alot, maybe by $50 with rebates. The same should happen with the 6850's, which are now at msrp. The 5850 would be a much bigger jump, and right now, you can grab one on newegg for only $185!
    5850 $185
    6850 $185
    5770 $129

    Let me add to the title of this thread...

    For price:preformance, the 5770 is up there because its so cheap.

    So I would wait, or if you have a second PCIe x16 slot, CF a 5770.

    If you really want to upgrade on a budget, go for that 5850 on newegg from XFX. I'm getting that one. Hopefully.
  8. Hmm... that smiley was a [colon] [p]. Annoying.
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