Is this CPU Compatible with this motherboard? Help Please!

Ok, I have a Dell 530s and I am looking to upgrade my CPU which is currently a Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 to a Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 (LINK TO SITE)

Here is all the info i could find on the Dell 530s : Click here

I also have a 750WAT PSU.. Oh and if the E4400 isnt compatible, then tell me what is please I have a 220 budget.

Thannks for your help guys this site helps me all the time! :D
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More about compatible motherboard please
  1. C2Q/C2D is listed as a CPU type, and the G33 should support all C2 CPUs. You should have no issues running the 8500. Make sure you update this bios before you take the old CPU out so your new CPU will get recognized.
  2. $200 for 1ghz is not worth it, especially when $200 can get a better cpu+mobo. But your ram isn't compatible with SB.
  3. so this is pretty much the best I can get for the money? I did look around :p and I couldent find anything better, maybe I am looking wrong..
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