Computer freezing up during bios loading

I got this AM2 base board i cannot figure out what the problem is off hand the one thing i can think of right now is maybe an overheating problem. the computer will post will load up os then it will just scatter random characters on the screen.
if i load it up in the bios it does the same thing. as i keep doing it it freezes up more frequently then with a coldboot.
i also have another 775boared that does it too. dont have exact model numbers off hand but i do know there both HP.
In the bios the temps are reading within 120-140F top between the boards which shouldnt be a problem with the cpu at all.
Any thoughts on the issue and what might be overheating?
I am using all onboard nothing upgraded including integrated gpu!
have bare minimal with cpu and 1 stick of ram
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  1. Old hp boards can do this; I've had two behave this way. One or both boards may have bad capacitors. Sometimes a board will post fine but windows will fail to load. And if you go to ebay, you'll see a vast majority of these old boards sold for parts only (they don't work anymore). Then you'll know it's best to get a newer board that uses ddr3. The hp ddr3 boards are too expensive; save your money and get a non hp board and get a new windows coa off craigslist if needed.
  2. does this PC have a video card? or are you using onboard... sounds like a GPU issue
  3. I agree its sound like a GPU or even a ram issue. Run the memtest boot CD from to make sure its not ram.

    It could be a bad capacitor look at the board with a flash light and see if you can find any caps that are bulged, rounded or leaking goo.
  4. it uses the onboard i got the am2 name its uses a asus ABM2N-LA with bios 3.06 on coldboot it will boot into bios after a few minutes the whoole bios screen will jumbo up all over the screen
  5. went through re-applied some new thermal past on the gpu and cpu use some junk stuff i got with my hyper212+ cooler since i had Artic lying around for my main build
  6. gonna try updating bios since alot of peopel are demanding new one for iton google no one is specifiing why hope it flashes before it freezes up
  7. Give it up. I had two of these boards; they're getting old. Spend the time shopping for your next board if you can. Nobody wants to live with issues like you're having. Not worth the headaches. I know; spent six hours on one before I gave it away. Not worth it.
  8. well i dont have a job and was planning on using it to upgrade my server since this uses a am2 and my server is running off of a 758 i think.
    it was given to me from one of my friends so i dont have no money wqrapped into it so i dont mine briking one but have ot get one working
  9. In your situation, have at it. But if you have a local craigslist, you may find something better for a few dollars. they have some board/cpu combos as low as $20 where I live. Good luck.
  10. the place i live there asking retail pricing for used crap so i stopped buying from there but do watch over it every so often
  11. the other one after some sitting around seems to work fin minus nothing showing in the bios but the tabs
    the mobo just shows 7336
    i googled it and this comuter came up
  12. @bucknutty i have tried 2 stick of 1gb ddr2667 since the board dont support 800
  13. looked a little more closly to the 775 mobo and i found out what its problem might be someone gouged the pcb with a screw driver or somthing but still cant get the AM2 working correctly gonna try to repair broken traces in a bit hope that was the problem
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