Genuine intel(R)CPU 2140@1.60GHz ,1.00GB of RAM

hello,sir how can i upgrade or modify or change my processor to 3.0ghz is it possible?
and also should i change my motherboard... ? how much size of ram is needed ? what is the cost involved in modifying
my cpu and motherboard..? please send details of my above requests? thank U..
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  1. average cost of Core2Duo cpu
    is 75-150 US dollars used
    average cost to have 4gb of RAM
    is $50-100
    your looking at $125-$250 for CPU and ram
    think about possible new computer if budget allows

    if you can give me
    more details
    1) model of computer
    2) model of motherboard
    I can give you suggestions though I only deal with Newegg.Tigerdirect,Amazon and Ebay
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