Keyboard malfunction after liquid spill

Dear all,

This is what happened, water spilled on my dell vostro 1510 laptop keyboard, I managed to turn off within 10 seconds, removed the keyboard, nothing had reached the board luckily, no smoke, no sound, later keyboard was dried, reinstalled and the following happened:

1. Laptop seems to be working normally without any problem other than keyboard.
2. Win7 OS launched successfully without any errors.
3. Keyboard: On pressing any key such as "D" triggers two keys "D" and "E", later I typed in notepad, all keys were behaving in the same manner.

I bought a new keyboard for 1310 which is compatible with 1510 models. Installed successfully.

Still the same problem remains, pressing the same "D" key triggers "DE".

Please help,,,,,

Thanks,,,, :(
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  1. carefully clean contacts of keyboard connector on mother board
    isopropyl alcohol %90 available at pharmacies is good
    also a pencil eraser can be used if you can get to contacts easily
    I do prefer the alcohol with cotton swabs
    Dont know for sure if it will work but it is worth a try
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Do you think there has something to do with the windows keyboard driver or regional settings? Although it was configured correctly before but still do I have to fix driver for the new keyboard?
  3. No if you are using XP or newer then the driver for the keyboard is fine
    usually drivers for keyboards add extra features like multimedia keys or other functions
    You can try if you want
    here is Dell support link

    but really if those edge connectors used on keyboards have just a slight
    oxidation film (beginning of rust) on it then it can cause problems

    If you remember the old cartridge gaming consoles like the Ataris also
    used edge connectors and after the carts got old you would have to clean them
    they might still look shiny but it would still cause a problem
  4. I have tried to clean with isopropyl alcohol using cotton swabs as well but the same.

    Same time, an external USB keyboard is working normally.

    What else can cause this problem? Board ????
  5. could be the water caused a small short somewhere on mother board
    that is a tough one to fix
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