Is this worth building a system around?

Intel Core i5-2400 BX80623I52400 Processor

Is this worth building a system around, and if so what would one be able to achieve for say 800$

(No case, opticle, PSU Needed. No OS needed, unsure of resolution will upgrade monitor later )

Antec 900 Case

The main goal would be gaming. And if I would be better suited spending my money elsewhere, perhaps suggest a build or two.

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  1. Yes, but finding a SB mobo now is gonna be hard since they got recalled
  2. *noted* ALL recalled?
  3. Err if
    The main goal would be gaming

    know that once on real world/enthusiast class gaming is concerned I.E 1920 X 1080 AA/AF, bottleneck passes back to the GPU so if i were u i would work from a juicy GPU, 80+ PSU and work backwards if render/encode not in the works
  4. I snagged a good modular PSU thats 80+ on a "Shell Shocker" Deal on new egg a few months back. GPU is def a concern though. But my big question is weather I should put something together using like a 965 BE or i5750 ..... or do I wait till sandybridge mobos are there. And if wait is the suggestion, what kind of a time frame would I be waiting.
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