5850 not recognizing DisplayPort -> HDMI properly


I'm having some weird issues trying to go from DisplayPort on my 5850 to HDMI on my TV.

My setup is as follows:
1) My primary monitor is connected via DVI
2) My secondary monitor is connected via HDMI
3) My TV is connected via DisplayPort on the computer end, and converted to HDMI to connect to the TV.

Note: I'm NOT trying to have all 3 devices display at once. #1 will only ever display by itself. I'd like to be able to have #3 display either on its own or at the same time as #2.

Unfortunately, I don't get any video output to #3 (the TV). No bars/lines/anything. The Catalyst software does detect it, but for some reason it thinks I've converted from HDMI to DVI. My best guess, then, for why I get no video is that the card is trying to output either on the wrong port or the wrong type of signal or something similar. (The card does let me attempt to display on #3, if you're wondering. I've tried duplicating with #2, as well as having #2 primary and extending to #3.)

I'm at a loss as to why it thinks I'm using DVI or how I can convince it otherwise.

Anybody have any suggestions? (I'm running the latest drivers, 10.11).

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  1. Does your TV work when connected HDMI-HDMI? Does your TV work when only one monitor is connected to the video card?

    Better get this
    Connect the TV to the HDMI, the monitor with the DVI using that DP->DVI adapter.
  2. The TV does work when it's HDMI - HDMI. It doesn't work with DisplayPort -> HDMI even when it's the only one plugged in. I was hoping to be able to have sound for #2 and #3 which is why I was avoiding using DVI =/
  3. Get some cheap speakers, those on the monitors are junk.
  4. Well #2 is technically a 19" TV with decent speakers. More importantly, #2 & #3 are 75 feet away from the computer, and those cables have already been run, holes have been drilled etc... I'd REALLY rather not have to run more cables :(

    There just doesn't seem to be any reason for this to not be working.. probably a bug in the drivers.
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