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Hello,I want to make changes to my Intel Motherboard BIOS as the computer boots up and loads Windows XP. The BIOS has "legacy USB support" that enables my USB devices even when the operating system's USB drivers are not yet available. Legacy USB support is enabled during POST and is used to access the BIOS Setup program. My problem is that, even with Legacy USB support enabled, my Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000v3.0 keys are inoperative after entering the BIOS Setup program. <F2> key worked to enter the BIOS Setup but became inoperative afterwards. Is the problem with "wireless keyboards" in general? Is the only solution to buy a cheap wired keyboard to access and make changes to the BIOS during computer boot process?

Microsoft support tells me that the Intel BIOS Setup Program initially recognizes the wireless keyboard key<F2> to access the the BIOS but then the program locks out any further wireless inputs to protect the BIOS from being accidently changed by other wireless sources in the area. Microsoft said use a wired keyboard as a work-around solution.

What does The community say?
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  1. Hello bpriest;

    It's a beautiful morning in the neighborhood.
    I've read your post 3 times and I'm still not quite sure what you're asking us to comment on.

    I do think that your questions do not quite match the topic title.
    And that might be the reason the 'right person' that knows enough about your situation hasn't dropped in to post back to you.
    A good choice of topic helps you draw attention from the people who might help.
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