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Best GPU for my build

I'm looking into buying a new GPU but I wasn't quite sure what one I should get.

My build is as follows:
Phenom x4 965 BE @3.4GHz (stock)
Crosshair Formula IV
4GB of DDR3 @1600
Silencer PSU 750W
Current GPU is HD 4850 W/1GB VRAM

My case can hold any card, and I believe my PSU can sustaine any single card.

So what do you guys think would be a solid buy?
I have been looking into the HD 5870 and the GTX 470, I will be using this for mostly WoW and shooters like Crysis.
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  1. What resolution will you be using?
  2. I currently run a 1280x1024 but plan on moving up to 1920x1080 right after.

    Any ETA on the 69xx release?
  3. For gaming at 1080p it really depends on how much you want to spend. For $180-200 the GTX 460 or HD6850 are very good deals for the money. They are actually quite good for 1080p, especially if you give them an overclock because they can both OC a large amount(30%+). If you are willing to go over $300 then wait for the new AMD cards which should be out in a few days(supposedly.)
  4. Well I think I will settle for ~ 300$ which I wish was enough for a 480 but alas it is not.
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    You should be looking at the GTX 570, not the 480, but wait for the HD59xx cards. Even if you don't get one it's likely the prices on the Nvidia cards will go down a bit once there's direct competition.
  6. wait for 6900 vs 500 series comparison by then you can make good choice from both parties.....
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