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Hey guys, new to the forum but have been frequenting them for answers to my daily computer needs.
I just bought an EL1852G-52w . Its an emachines desktop. For full specs you can check out: http://www.emachines.com/ec/en/US/content/model/PV.NCW02.001

I bought a cheap ati radeon 5450 1gb card and it works like a charm with the low profile bracket. My only concern is the amount of ram I have. I have 2 slots, one of them with a 1 gb DDR3 card, and another with a 2 gb card. on the emachines website it says Maximum memory 4 gb.
I want to buy a 4 gb card and use it with the 2 gb to get 6 gbs. Is there anyway I can do this? Or will my computer give me the blue screen of death?

more info:
Motherboard chipset G41

Thanks for your time.
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  1. So it says maximum memory 4gb and you want to know if you can use 6gb? Seems pretty clear to me the answer is no.

    For optimal performance (dual channel mode) you need to run your dimms in like pairs, meaning 2x1GB, 2x2GB, not 1x1GB and 1x2GB.

    If you want to debate Emachines webiste info you should contact Emachines.
  2. hmm I see. So i'm stuck with 4 gigs :( . The computer came like that from emachines; with a 1x1 gb and 1x2 gb. Thanks for the help I'll contact emachines about it and ask. I'm sort of a noob at this stuff, and i need to research this before I spend money on a new ram stick and find out I can't use it.
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