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I am running a msi p67a-gd65 in my rig and i just got new ram. It is corsair vengence 1600mhz ram. In the details it says it only supports 1066 and 1333, but through oc;ing it supports 1600mhz and 2133mhz. does this mean that the motherboard is running the ram at a lower clock rate?
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  1. I am running an i5 2500k and 2 powercolor 6870's in cf
  2. your motherboard will go only at the maximum the maker made her for look in your motherboard manual
  3. I don't have it at the moment so I can't
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    Your MOBO and CPU easily run DDR3-1600.

    The easiest setting is Extreme Memory Profile(X.M.P) -> Enable.
  5. How do I access that? is that easier than changing them through bios
  6. That is a BIOS setting, boot into the BIOS typically hitting the Delete key.
  7. Ok sweet thanks
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