NForce 6150SE-430 Shared Memory Problem

I have an HP Pavillon a6602f with Intergrated Graphic Chipset (nForce 430 with GeForce 6150SE) and an Phenom X3 Processor. My Bios is An Pheonix Bios. Before That I Updated my bios, I could change the Shared Memory Size To 256 mb, but I Flashed my Bios and i can't change it now and it is set to 64 mb, it is annoying because some of my games that I could run before cannot now...! Can someone help me by telling how I could change that back. I choose to restore my Bios as an last option...

-Sincerely, Bloc97.
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  1. In Reality it is 64mb,you just need a graphics card to make sure you have 256 mb or above.i have same problem with my g31 board,by msi g31 p21
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