1st build, Asus P6X58D Premuim question.

Hey all, got great advice here before I started my build, now I'm getting close to finished.

I went with the P6X58D and an i7 920, and I'm trying to work out my hdd setup.
I have a pair of matching drives for a raid 0, and another pair for a raid 1. (Editing rig).
I have a separate drive for OS and Apps. This one is an hdd, to be upgraded later with ssd.
I installed this drive on a sata 3 port and set it to ahci. No problem so far, right?

But here's the noob question:
Since the sata 3 ports are not listed in the bios, will they still come up as an option when I go to load my OS? I know I can 'try it and find out', but I thought I'd check to see if there was anything I should know in advance...

Appreciate any input.
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  1. What OS & service pack? Latest Linux & Windows will recognize the RAID & the hdds. In rare cases shall you need to make a RAID driver floppy.

    That'd not be my concern. I would NOT trust the onboard RAID. I'd suggest you find a plan B in case the RAID fails. The safest way is to have an eSATA drive for storage/backups. You can just get a eSATA blanket into one of the expansion slot in the back of the case and hook up a eSATA enclosure with a large drive to it. Unless your case has a eSATA plug.
  2. Running windows 7.
    Will be using externals with a front panel esata plug. I do understand the concern about onboard, and the importance of backing up- sux to lose a week's work...
  3. You're all set. After os install, install all the drivers from the mobo cd. The MS drivers may not take full advantage of your hardware.

    You're welcome.
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