GeForce 295 compared with GeForce 580

I'm still running the GeForce 295 (which is essentially dual 280s sli'd). Seeing the new GeForce cards, all the way to 580, I'm curious as to what is an upgrade for me. I heard the 295 was faster than the 480. Anyone have any idea of how it compares with the 580?

I put the same question over on (see this link) and I got one reply which seems to go against the specs mentioned on this site in the World of Warcraft Cataclysm test:,2793-5.html

From what this site is saying, the GeForce 580x, just one of them, would be a HUGE upgrade over my GeForce 295.
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  1. Any thoughts? If I buy a single GeForce 580 and replace the single 295, would that be a performance upgrade and not just 3D, DC11, etc.?
  2. On average it's not a huge upgrade in terms of performance, around 15-20%. The main advantages will be DX11, more current A/V features, better idle power efficiency, not having to deal with SLI scaling compatibility/issues, ect.
    WoW happens to be one of the games that doesn't get a large advantage from SLI I believe so if that is the main game you play it will likely help a lot more.
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