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Compatibility issue with new mobo and graphics card.

I recetly bought new mobo/cpu/ram upgrade for my computer. Not trusting myself to do the job, i took it to geek squad to have them install everything. They just now told me they cant, because the mobo isnt compatible with my gcard, a GTX 560ti. A new card that should have no problems. The mobo i bought is Classic DH61SA Desktop Motherboard. Can anyone tell me the problem? Or which motherboard WOULD work?
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    You do not have a PCIe slot for the graphics card. Your motherboard has 1 PCIe x1, which will not hold the GTX. And you have a PCI slot, which will not hold the GTX.

    You need a motherboard with a PCIe x8 or (preferably) a PCIe x16 slot.
  2. Blah. Thank you for the quick responce. The mobo/cpu/ram were suggested from another user on this site, however i everr did say what gcard i have. Looks like ill be looking into a new board. Thanks again
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