Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart vs Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart

How do these charts compare if you want to maximize gaming value. Obviously, ideally you'd want a top performer in both but if you have to sacrifice which do you drop a level or two. How many levels in, say, CPU do you drop before you drop one in GPU.

Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart(feb) vs Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart(feb)

For example atm one level down in both CPU and GPU might get you a Core i7-875K with a GTX 570 vs two levels down of CPU and a top GPU could be a Core i5-655K with a GTX 580.

What do you think will be the best pairings in general for the way these lists are setup?
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  1. Ouch a super pricey now old socket i7 Lynnfield and a pricey X2? I can't recall either chip being actually recommended in the monthly articles @@

    Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: January 2011,2843.html

    As for the GPU articles $175-$275 category: $199AR on Egg HD 5870 anyone? 90% of GTX 570 @ 63% price point? Thats game value right there with some quick analysis lol
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