Toshiba system vista reload

I have my vista instlation on a partition of c:. how do I reload the operating sys?

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  1. Hello tadabob;

    You should have a hidden recovery partition on your hard disk. Back up all your personal data and files.

    See if this guide works for you: How to Boot the Recovery Partition on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop
  2. If you're installation isn't already screwed up you should be able to use the included utility to make backup DVDs for your install. You should always do that when getting a new store bought PC as soon as you turn the thing on. To save money they don't provide you with an installation disk so you're expected to make your own. Also, like WR2 said they often have backup partitions for just such an event. Of course, if you deleted what was on that partition or if your original Hard Drive died then your SOL.
  3. Did his HDD die?
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