Help "2500k noisy psu or mobo" doh


not workin, not even overclocked , but very loud schreeching when turned on

have a nice day

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  1. Determine the exact location of the sound... when you turn it on, do the fans spin up but no video? Need some more details.
  2. yeah, fans pin but no video.....
    new case, new mobo,new garphic card
  3. 1) make sure there are no wires in the way of the fan
    2) make sure fans are spinning, other wise turn the computer off or you can damage things
    3) screeching noises are pretty easy to find their location, open the case up and turn it on while at a bench. touch (don't press hard!) the fans, and when one stops and the whine stops then you know you found the bad fan. RMA the part if it is under warranty. If the CPU fan is not under warranty (it should be), then replace it with an 1155 cooler like the hyper 212+ (or something smaller if that is too large for your case).
  4. If you have an OCZ PSU then no surprise. You need to locate the noise. You can use a piece of paper in a small funnel and listen. Some HSF can also do this so listen around the PSU and CPU areas first.
  5. asus z68 vpro mobo new
    coolermaster elite case new
    fans are with the case
    no after market cooler
    unbranded psu 650 watts

    so will check fans thanks all of replies
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