First homebuilt PC power problem ?

So my last PC was Dell Dimension 2400, and the replacement is the PC I'm assembling right now. I've installed everything except the graphics card (hasn't arrived yet), and when I turn it on, I hear 1 continuous beep continued by 3 short beeps, indicating that the VGA is missing (as expected).

The thing is, the moment I turn on the PC everything lights up for a second (fans, LEDS) then everything shuts down for a second or so and only then does it power on properly. This doesn't happen if I hold the power button just a fraction longer, in which case it powers up normally.

Is this normal ?

I can't find anything on this in the manual. Any help is appreciated.


PS. This is my first build so I'm still noobish. If there is anything more I should know please do tell.
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  1. Hello clarice;

    As you probably expected that's not normal behavior.
    I don't suppose you can borrow a video card till yours arrives?
    We can hope that adding a video card will fix that situation.

    What parts are you working with?
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