max resolution 1280x160?

i just installed windows 7 and i cant go past 1280x1060 res. my video card supports 2560x1600 but i cant get my resi to go above 1280x1060, whats the problem? i have a geforce 470.
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  1. W7 may be limiting the resolution the maximum of your monitor's capability.
  2. how can i make it so i can turn it up?? i know my monitor supports 1980x1020
  3. 1920x1080. What monitor do you have? Do you have the right drivers installed?
  4. i meant to say its running at 1280x1060 not 160 lol but i have an lg 23 inch lcd monitor. i dont know its exact name. I tried installing the driver for my card but i cant get the driver to work properly.
  5. change drivers get a working one or old,or just go back to vista sp2 to solve this
  6. Try uninstalling the video drivers in safe mode and reinstalling them. If the driver you were trying to install is beta, then avoid it and use the last final version of the driver.
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