Need 2 different audio sources via Headset and Plasma

Hey Guys,

Am running an i7 system in my lounge room with a 20" monitor via DVI and a 50" plasma via HDMI 1.3 (HD5850 Sapphire Vapor-X). The HDMI is currently running audio to the TV and I also have a headset from the PC.

Is it possible, for example to play a movie over HDMI with audio to the TV, and have different audio soucre going to the headset, eg my girlfriend is watching a movie from the PC/or TV via the PCI HD tuner, while I game/listen to youtube via the 20" monitor/headset.

I currently don't have a soundcard, just running off the MB (ASUS P6X58D-E) and can only seem to get 1 source.

If I got a Soundcard could I run two?

Cheers for the relationship advice :)


Edit from 14/5 is Headset is SteelSeries 4H via 3.5mm jack on MB (analog)
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  1. Go to windows media center, scroll down to task, settings, general, windows media setup, setup you speakers and select hdim output. That should fixed the problem.
  2. Thanks for the reply but all that does is change every audio source to the hdmi (tv). I want to know if I get get something different to the tv playing thru my headset at the same time.
  3. Though that sounds quite a thing to be done, I don't have any such idea whether it can be done or not........
  4. Is your headset USB connected ?

    On the other side, if you are referring to music try winamp and under options see if you can select the onboard audio specifically, that way the music from winamp should not be routed over hdmi but just the onboard audio chip.
  5. In your control panel, goto the Realtek audio manager, there is a setting in their to use simultaneous devices. I use it to use my TV(hdmi) as center channel and my other 4.5 speakers for surround.
  6. No luck yet guys but thanks. I was wondering if by purchasing a soundcard could I run 1 source off the MB sound inputs and a second via the soundcard?? Or woul dthe MB ignore its own sound inputs once I connect a SC?

    Anyone know what happens to the onboard MB audio when an SC is connected?

    @soest009 the headset is 3.5mm, not USB. I was hoping that with the hdmi, given it runs audio thru the GPU, that I might be able to run something different via the 3.5mm jack but not that I can figure out yet...
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    win 7 has an option for applications to take exclusive control of a device
    so i suppose if you select that option for all devices and your apps let you select which sound output you want to use then i guess you may be able to split the sound.
    to be honest ive never tried it.

    select sound then the device then advanced and check the boxes.
    then do as ace700 suggests for media center.
    then load up yer game and see if you can select your headset as the output.
    i dont think you will be able to do it if you have both hdmi and the headset plugged into the same soundcard though. you may have to use onboard and the soundcard. like i said exclusive control...

    like i say i have never tried it, but in theory it should work. how good it is i dunno.
  8. Thanks for the responses guys, still no joy via the onboard but I might buy a cheap SC and see if that helps.

    Will let you know.

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  10. Hello,

    I've got a solution for you. Check CheVolume :

    Here is a screenshot from the website :

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