XFX 9800gt Overheating

What's the ideal temperature for a 9800gt? Mine idles at ~71C with the fan at 100%, and runs at ~105C under load. Right now it's 84C with the fan at 50%, all according to EVGA Precision. It's not overclocked, 600/1500/900. I have two 80mm exhaust fans in the back of my case, an 80mm intake on the side, another 80 intake in that front, and lastly a final 80 intake on the top.
Yeah, I don't think it should be operating at boiling point. Is there anything that I could do to cool it down without spending much money?
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  1. the 9800GT run hot (i owned one) but they should top out at 84c, not idle there.

    make sure the video card's fan is clear of any dust. re-seat the heat sink if further temp issues arise.

    as for your fan set up. i would leave the front fan an intake, two rear fans as exhaust.

    change the top fan to an exhaust. drop the side fan, i find most side fans actually increase temp rather then drop it, especially smaller ones.
  2. how long have you had the card ? I bet you need to clean it.
  3. Okay, I just cleaned it and did as you advised with the top fan, Mr. Ct. Right now it's idling at 70C with the fan at 30%. That's better than before, at least.

    I've had it since Christmas, 2008, Mr. Shells.
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  5. When you cleaned the card did you take the heatsink all of the way off ?
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