Advice on replacing my 2600 hd

Hello everyone.

I have a xt 2600HD that just went out and I hoped to just replace it with something else. I really do not keep up with this stuff to much and while doing some research I was easily overwhelmed, hoped you could help me.

I am not a huge gamer. I do game but nothing hardcore but I would like to get something equal or better than what I had which nowadays seeing how that was old should be easy, right? Any advice? Ati, Nvidia whichever. I am planning on spending 150 or less only, prefer less since its around Xmas. I have a Dell machine (XPS 420) with the stock PSU which limits me I do know. It is listed at 375 watts and I really do not wish to upgrade the psu at this time..

Any advice on a decent card that will beat my 2600? I really appreciate the help in advance. I hope to buy online in the next few days.

Thanks again folks.
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  1. I'd grab an HD5670. It's perfectly in your price range at ~$80, it's much more powerful than your 2600XT, and is probably the best offer you can get for your situation.
  2. ^+1
    GT240 or HD5670 is the perfect choice for your budget (below $100).
  3. ^+2
    Yeah, a 5670 of newegg is pretty much the best deal.
  4. Thanks for the info folks. I actually had the gt 240 on my list of possibles. I will look @ the 5670 as well. I do appreciate the help
  5. The 5670 is actually a bit more powerful than the GT240, plus it runs cooler and has DX11.
  6. Would this card be ok? Brand wise or do you suggest other? 59.00 all told after the MIR
  7. It'll be just fine. XFX has lifetime warranties with their cards IIRC, and non-reference models aren't needed with such a small, cool card.
  8. I do appreciate the help folks. I will order it tonight. Looking forward to it

    Again. Thanks
  9. Card received and installed. Thanks again for the help folks. Seems to be a fine card for my system. No issues as of yet.

  10. Grats. Hope everything works out to be good for you.
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