System fails POST, ASUS P6T, i7-920

I returned from a month's vacation to discover my computer won't boot, and am having trouble diagnosing the failing component(s). At this point, I suspect it is a faulty mobo or CPU, but would still like to confirm.

I am running:

Intel i7-920
OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro
G-Skill 1600MHz PC12800
Gigabyte Radeon HD5870

I am currently testing the computer in an out-of-case setup with just the above. Have tried swapping out memory (for same brand sticks) and video card (for Sapphire Radeon HD4350). I have also tried reseating the CPU and resetting the CMOS. With power attached, the power/reset lights on the mobo illuminate, and on boot the CPU fans (and case fans, when attached) start spinning.

I attached a PCI diagnostic card, and it is not giving me any codes (totally blank/dark).

Anyone have ideas for how to further diagnos the problem without simply swapping out components (which I'd prefer not to do, as I don't have a spare PSU, CPU, or mobo lying around).
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Buy or borrow a digital multimeter to test the voltages on the P1 connector. Your PSU may not be distributing sufficient power. While you're at it, I'd also pick up a mobo speaker for diagnosing. Listen to the beep pattern, it could help you find the failure.
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