Playing WOW and watching movies (dual monitor)

The issue:

Extreme video lag... Its so bad, that i may get 15 FPS in any givin moment, and my video will mess up constantly. Lines going through it, colors looked messed up.

5 months ago (before i stoped playing until the expac) i was able to play non stop movies and play wow running @ 120 FPS without issues.

Note: This is the only game that i know of, that this happens with.

Here's my system spec's:

Fresh windows 7 Ult install
4gb DDR2-800
1gb HD5770 ATI Radeon video card
Asus m4a785-m Mainboard
AMD Phenom II B-40 processor unlocked to a quad core running at stock speed (3.1GHZ)

4 SATA2 Hard drives
Main: 500GB SATA2 7200 RPM (windows install with WOW)
Secondary's: 500/500/1tb hard drives, all 7200RPM (movies, music, etc etc)
All drives have at LEAST 25% space on them free.

WOW Mods -

titan panel

Any help appreciated.
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  1. As far as i know, yes. I havent re-installed any other games since. I wanted to try and isolate the issue strictly with WOW. As far as i know, its fine with anything else. Ive got SC2 here, as well as Crysis i can try.
  2. Re-installing the game, perhaps?
  3. wa1 said:
    Re-installing the game, perhaps?

    Im running on a clean reinstall of windows, my AV and WOW.

    I'll try and turn down shadows... but really, my graphics card should be able to play this thing at MAX without hesitation. IM wondering if this is something related to my CPU being unlocked to a quadcore (PhenomII 550 processor sold with 2 cores locked.)
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