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My PC runs fairly quietly when being used for routine operations like Office programs, the Internet, viewing pictures, etc.

When the PC was four months old I observed that the CPU fan became noisy ONLY when I played some graphic intense simulators. I am aware that one particular simulator game I am involved with on a regular basis makes a heavy demand on the CPU. But I did also notice that there was no drastic rise in temperature of the CPU (as monitored by 3rd party applications). Lately, I have noticed that the fan becomes noisy when my screensaver takes over. The screensaver is one of the regular ones from Windows 7 where the time keeps twirling around.

I am assured it is the CPU fan and not that of the graphics card or the PSU or the casing as I had closely inspected it and had even momentarily paused the CPU fan.

Does this behavior mean that I have a defective fan? Is it recommended that I change the fan and if so which one should I opt for ?

The CPU is an AMD Phenom II X2 550, 3.1 Ghz and it came with its own heat sink and fan.

I would greatly appreciate any advice that is worthwhile. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do you have pets or smoke in the room where the pc is? It sounds like your heatsink is full of dust. Try taking the heatsink off (make sure you undo the clamp and twist the heatsink back and forth to make sure the cpu doesn't stick because of the thermal grease) and blowing it out with air duster or just blow in it. And another thing, do you have the cool n quiet running in the BIOS?
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