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Antec DF-85 top fan scraping

My new Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 was functioning properly the first few days, then suddenly one of the top fans somehow got displaced by a few millimeters and now scrapes against the inner wall. Of course I have disconnected it for the time being.

Is there any way I can realign it, either horizontally or vertically, to clear it from any obstructions?
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    Contact newegg if you bought it from them or Antec directly and either will ship you a new fan. I had a bad fan in an Antec 300 I bought from newegg and after contacting them they sent me a new one pretty quickly. You may have to contact Antec for one of those red fans though.
  2. Fix spacers between the fan and internal face of the roof, that will give you more clearance
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