Extra cooler for Pentium Dual-core

Hi, my dual core cpu's temp is 43c in ideal but nearly 68c or 69c when playing games at high setting. Is it safe & Do i need to use exrta cpu cooler? Will it reduce my cpu performance during gameply?

My cpu model is Pentium Dual-core E5400 2.70 Ghz. If this temp is okey & no need to buy a cpu cooler, then i will spend more money to upgrade my gpu. I want to upgrade hd4650 to hd5770 gpu.

Thank you.
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  1. I consider this temp at Max Settings ok.I think you dont have such a large budget so you should go for the gpu upgrade.What cpu monitoring software are you using?
  2. I am using both speccy and core temp. They show same reading.
  3. it is ok at max settings.
  4. But the warning begins at 60c in bios, so i worry a little.
  5. I would raise it to 70c.
  6. Alright, thanks for your help. I will go after a gpu.
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