Asus P8P67 LE W/2nd Gen i5 slot issues.

I have trouble with installing the i5 into the CPU slot given with the P8P67 LE. It fits perfectly, with notch and all, but I cannot get it to lock into place withe the bar without having these tabs (see picture) pushing into the CPU, and having the cover slide forward.

Is the board defective or should I just push harder for it to fit in place? The notches are creaking and the chip does not seem to like me pushing it down like that.
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  1. so what your saying your aligning everything properly and still havent yet to install it?
  2. It aligns fine, but when I try to lock the CPU into place, the bar cannot be put down all the way at all, and will creak when pressured, as well as leaving a dent on the top of the CPU.
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    you need a bit of force when it comes to closing the 1155 lever thing.It isnt the same as AMD processors.But try to apply as little force as necessary.The first time i did this i had a scary crunching sound.
    I did this.You could ask other members first for their opinion.
  4. Make sure you align it properly first.
    Ask the other members first of their opinions on this.
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    nWasnt it a bit too early to choose me as the best answer?You didnt get your answer yet.
  7. Thanks a bunch. I've not used intel for a while now, and it kinda scared me to push it down so hard.

    I've pushed it down all the way and locked it, a bit of creaking, but no visible/obvious problems. Thanks!
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