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MATX vs ATX for gaming build

What are the differences between a mATX for an ATX motherboard?

I want to build a budget gaming build with no overclocking.

I'm looking at an i5-2400 or an AMD A8-3850 or 3870.

And for GPU I'd like the Ati HD6850.

Plus 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM and 500GB SATAII 7200RPM HDD.

As for the case, I'd like the mid-tower that fits the ATX mobo with an appropriate 80+ PSU.

My main concern is I won't be able to upgrade my CPU or GPU in future, but being a newbie I don't know much about that.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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    Its all about size. mATX is more suitable for smaller case or HTPC .

    ATX can pack in more features and definitely cools better than small factor mobo.

    Intel lists mAtx as about 9.60" x 9.60".

    The ATX specs are 11.60" x 9.60".

    So micro-ATX is about 80% of the size and smaller.
  2. Yes, the mATX is exactly what u need : )
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  4. Thanx for the vote : )
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