Gtx 8800 gpu no display after blue screen crash

my pc crashed with blue screen of death and on reboot my gtx 8800gpu can be heard fan spins fast as usual on boot then settles down to slower spin but i am getting no display? is my gpu dead or is it another issue? If anyone can help as i really cant afford a new gpu right now is there an easy fix or is it big problems, also i have another gtx 8800 which worked fine till i upgraded to windows 7 now it only works for an hour then stops? is it bad drivers or over heating problem?
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  1. check to see if you have the latest driver. Also it could be more than just your card crashing your system. Minimalize your system to one stick of ram cpu and gpu then boot it and see if it works.
  2. What PSU do you have.......sounds like either heat or power issues.
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