Advice for my gaming PC that I am building?

I want to build a good gaming PC with a budget of $800. I have priced out all parts on Newegg and the total comes to around $754. Here are all of the parts I am going to buy:

I just want to know, are all of these parts compatible with each other? Will I be able to set this up nice and simple when the parts ship or do I need to buy anything else? (Not including keyboard, speakers, monitor, OS, etc).

How good will this setup be for running games such as Crysis and other high end PC games? Thank you for the help.
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  1. All parts look good. Shouldn't need anything else. Enjoy!!
  2. Okay, thank you! Can anyone else confirm this? Just so I can get a few opinions before I go ahead and buy it
  3. Sorry for bumping old thread, just wondering if there are a couple of other people that can confirm that this setup will work. I dont want to spend the money unless I am absolutely sure
  4. Everything looks pretty solid.

    You might want to check out the Sapphire (2gb) 6950 after MIR its 256.99 @ newegg. I ordered one yesterday. The 2gb version will work very well if you ever decide to go with an eyefinity setup (I am as LCD's are only getting cheaper) as at that resolution the extra memory will be noticeable. Chk the reviews but I believe it also performs better. I've read you can also flash it to a 6970...that's a lot of card for the money.

    Although the PSU is solid (I like Antec) I'd probably look at something with a little more power which will give you upgrade options in the future. I have a Corsair 650w which I paid about the same price for after MIR. Better to have a little to much then not enough

    Down the road you may want to crossfire two 6950's to extend the life of your system which in the long run will save $$. If you do decide to crossfire you'll end up having to buy a new PSU that has (4) 6-pin power an example.

    Personally I've found that all my system's seem to grow and evolve beyond what I originally conceived. Although I stick to my budget I try to find components that will give me the flexibility do that without having to buy similar components twice ie PSU. I've found that it saves me money in the long run.

    Just my two-cents
  5. Okay, thank you :)
    I changed the power supply to what you suggested, can you link me to a PSU that is crossfire ready?
  6. If I ever decide to crossfire, which won't be for a while as my MB only has one PCI slot and If I do I'll be buying the MB you have in your list and I would buy this power supply as it has (4) 6+2 pins for which would power two 6950's por 6970's in crossfire and it's only 10$ more than the 650w.

    Looks like you you still have the 5870 qued up...I'd seriously think about the 6950 they made improvements to the eyefinity setup in the 6000 series cards plus a little more energy efficient.

    or if you like the warranty with XFX

    The sapphire comes with some adapters that you will acutally use, but the XFX has a great warranty

    If you run an eyefinity setup you will also need a display port adapter to make it work...they used to be like 100$ so they've dropped in price

    Chk out this review and chart for both the eyefinity and widescreen performance...

    Went through your list real quick and found this deal

    and this wish list

    which is pretty much everything you already have with the addition of the power supply you would need memory as the memory on you list is now out of stock

    but after rebates your still right at 800 with a GPU that will do a better job with eyefinity, power consumption, crossfire scaling.

    And yes that card will fit in your 300, same case i have with an unlocked phenom II x2 555, CM hyper 212+

    Seriously read the 6950 review I never thought I'd go eyefinity but here I am....returned the 6850 I had bought (good card) because the price on the 6950 was to good to pass up. with the combo it puts it at only about 25$ more than the 5870.

    Good luck
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