Utilizing Catalyst, and HD5850 FPS probs - Metro 2033, Black Ops

Hey guys,

I have a few questions about the "Catalyst Control Center" for ATI cards and also some FPS issues in games.

I really don't see any difference when I change the settings, and I was wondering if you guys could give me the optimal stuff to put, I'm using a Diamond HD 5850. (I don't want to overclock though, as I'm not very confident in that and don't want to blow my computer or any other components. I can't spend anymore money, unless you guys think that this is really the problem, then let me know and i'll look more into it!)

And here's another problem.

Games like Modern Warfare 2 run on full settings flawlessly. But Black Ops I can't run that high at all for some reason, I'm not sure if its just because the new patches for it haven't come out yet or what, but I also have metro 2033, and have such low fps if I put all the settings on max.

Shouldn't I be able to run it on max with an HD 5850?

Could adding 4 more gigs of ram also help my problem?

I use an AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition 3.4 ghz
4GB Corsair XMS 1600MHZ Dual Channel Memory
Biostar Motherboard
750W PSU

And I play at 1080x1650 on my 22" widescreen.

Thank you all so much for any helpful information :)
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  1. It's just simply that Black ops uses more resources then MW2, and Metro 2033 uses many times more.

    A 5850 will run Metro 2033 and pretty high settings alright, but most definitely not max. This is normal and the limits of the card. More ram won't help. If you have a Xfire mobo you could add another 5850. Or you could try upgrading to a gtx 570 or 580 if you are so inclined to attempt to max Metro 2033.

    Hope that puts it all into perspective for you. If not try searching for Metro 2033 benchmarks, and you should see the 5850 on almost all the charts. That way you can compare your results to theirs, just keep in mind most reviewers test on a supre fast processor to make sure the GPU is being tested not the cpu.
  2. Lucuis,

    Thanks for the reply. I actually just did a lot of research, and yeah you're right: Metro has more features that make nVidia superior at performing with it.

    I just tweaked some settings in catalyst and decided to unlock the over clock, even tho I didn't really do anything to it, and also adjusted my CPU stuff through a program that came with my mobo.

    I maxed the settings on Black Ops with no problems, and actually I maxed out on Metro 2033 also, and they both run with really good fps.

    I think the problem actually had to do with my cpu and motherboard; they were on settings that were conserving energy, I have no idea why. But that really helped, and I'm so excited.
  3. Black ops should run fine on a 5850. I have a single 5870 and I finished the single player campaign at 5992x1080 2xAA, other settings maxed out.
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