Dead pixels in top left third of screen

I moved my monitor (HP L2335) about a foot, and a corner of the display has gone totally dead.

One ninth of the screen (top left corner) is black. It is a perfect rectangle.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or know how I may be able to fix it? I've tried another cable (it's using DVI and i tried a VGA) and troubleshooting in Windows.

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  1. Well, it could be some of your pixel on monitor are dead.
    You can try using another monitor, if the dead pixel are gone then your current monitor is the problem. :)
  2. ^^ Agreed . Seems dead pixel, cant be fixed, check with another monitor to be sure. But my guess, dead pixels..
  3. Thanks.

    I actually use 2 monitors at the moment, and yes, the other works fine. It is an older model monitor, yet it was doing an excellent job..

    I guess that's the way these things go though.

    Thanks for the replies.
  4. Np, bad luck- dead pixels. Thats happens though..
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