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HELP! with display artifacts on 8600gt

I am having display artifacts on my xfx 8600gt

I rmaed the card but this one is also showing the same problems

It was working fine under normal loads but when stressed/gaming it started showing artifacts(square shaped boxes of red & blue color green colored lines &dots)
Then it began showing artifacts in bios screen too!
Which rules out sw/driver issues

Have tested ram by ms mem dignostic tool
Card is showing same problem on another system too
Changed the dvi cable
Card was never oced

My config.
Amd 955be
Asus m4a87td evo
Corsair vs2gb1333d3 ram
Corsair vx550w psu

I am suspecting video ram corruption
But what can be its cause?

Plz help me out here
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    Fullscreen artifacts (like the one you experienced) are symptomatic of GPU core failure. It means that the "CPU" of your graphics card is faulty. Artifacts like corrupted textures, Weird shadows in games, and other things that don't involve the screen/image itself is more likely to be memory-related.

    It could also be the monitor. Can you try a different monitor? Or can you try to use a different video card on the same monitor?

    Also, it could be that the card is loose in its slot. Make sure it is snugly plugged in the PCIe slot.
  2. Did you checked the card temps?
    When you stressed the card (full load, gaming, rendering) then your card will become more HOT then before (idle).
    Use this to monitoring all components temp:
  3. The card is properly seated in the slot, double checked it.

    I am afraid if my mobo or psu are faulty (both are brand new) as my current rmaed card is showing the same sort of error as the previous one.
    Any way to confirm this?
    I am afraid if i get a new card it will also get damaged.

    Also if i dissconnect the card for few hours and then reconnect, it works fine for few hours!

    Temps are fine
    53 at idle & 70 at load, have seen my previous 8600 go till 89 and working fine!
  4. I have same problem with artifacts, i`ve 8600gts. all gforce 8 serries have similar problems, i tryed on same card on few PC and problems stay so i think it`s not motherboard or cpu problems.
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