Having a problem with asus nvidia 450gts

hi all! i bought a pc yesterday with this card! after 20 min of play the grafics was failling the screen fill with stait lines! i restart the pc still the same prob. i use win7 64bit i reinstall both motherboard and grafic card drives several times! iven in bios i see this grafic failure! the win dont recognize my grafic card. i open the tower and i dint saw anything that indicate prob with card. pls im in desperete need! if anyone knows something pls respone to my call. thanks in advance and forgive my english!!!!
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  1. What is your Power SUpply Unit (PSU)? Brand? model?
    Are you sure all drivers are properly installed?
  2. hi m8 here is the spect! core i7 3.06g 8m 4.5gt i7950 in ---- pow/sup recom proengine 600w 80 +bro ------ corsair tr3x6g1100c8 --- m/b p6x58d-e ddr3 usb 3 asus ----- vga nv gts450 1gb ddr5 128bit asus yes i install everything properly
  3. The 6pin connector for the card is attached, right?
    Have another PC? You can try that card in another PC, if the same thing happened maybe you got a bad/faulty card...
  4. yes the 6 pin connectros is attached! the prob is that i have only a laptop:) so i cant test it! its stange tho couse i thought asus and invidia was wotrhtry reliability! are u recoment another grafic card?
  5. Yes, ASUS is a reliable brand. Since that card is brand new then just RMA it to get a replacement, maybe you just unlucky that you got a bad/faulty card...
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