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hi friends i want to buy dell gx620 plz recommend some graphics cards supported by my mobo. thanks in advance
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  1. Which GX 620?

    Mid tower? SFF? Mini tower?

    I'm using a mid tower GX620 right now, and I can tell you straight up that there's only enough room for a single slot card. The PCI-E slot is all the way at the leftmost bracket, and the CPU fan is so huge that it blocks dual slot GPU coolers.

    Even then you would need a better PSU than the idiotic OEM one that comes with it, as the mid tower actually supports ATX PSUs.

    I was originally gonna buy this GPU:

    And this PSU:

    ... for my 620, but I've decided on just waiting and building an all new computer, which I recommend you to do as well. If you can't, then go with those.

    Also, how much RAM is this 620 coming with? Which processor will it come with?

    You're gonna be bottlenecked regardless, but not as much with a Pentium D 945/950/960 that it supports, and AT LEAST 2 GB RAM.

    That's still not enough if you aren't running XP 32-bit, but you have to make due with what you have, right?
  2. hi friends i am new in gaming plz suggest for me the best graphics card which can i run easily..............
    system specs are
    3.2 ht processer
    3gb ddr2 ram waiting for responses..................
    That's your PC, right?
    Well, it's only has either dual core or pent.4 CPU, so any modern card will be held back by your CPU. I assume your PSU is just 300W then you can get HD4670, like this one:
  4. thanks for reply
    it is pentium 4
    any suggestion from nvidia series? plz reply
  5. NVIDIA card (GT240):

    No need higher than that, your cpu will hold back any card higher than that (even GT240 is still more than enough).
  6. but my system memory is ddr2 type and the card is ddr5 will it work?
  7. Nah, don't worry about that, system memory is completely different from Video Memory (VRAM), you can use DDR2-DDR3-DDR5 VRAM GPU on DDR2 RAM system. :)
  8. thanks :lol: and enjoyed your reply now there is another question that is system power supply
    ddr3 cards show more power supply requirement (450 or so) but i have just 305watt will it work on my system? :o
  9. thanks friend i think about it
  10. That's just for "safe" side, GT240 and HD5670 won't break 300W on full load system, it only draw power from pcie slot only which about 75W max. So, you are very very secure to run GT240 or HD5670.
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