BioStar H61MU3 motherboard won\'t output video

just started building a new computer mother board is a biostar H61MU3 1155 intel socket with g620 dual core processor. trouble is whenever i turn it on to boot every seems to work fine i get power to the board the ram tested ok in another machine etc. but i cant get any video feed no matter what monitor port i use and no matter what monitor i use ive tried the hdmi, the vga and the dvi ports as well as installed an old but working geforce 8600 nvidia graphics card in the board to try n get output but still nothing...was hoping someone out there might have some advice etc. on what the potential problem could be as the board seems find i just can't get video...
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  1. Does the mobo turn ON?

    Check the 24pin and 4/8pin cables.
  2. If you can't get video from the motherboard OR from a video card, then obviously there is a problem with the monitor.
  3. the monitors work with other computers and game systems i've tried both my flat screen and my old lenovo monitor which works fine with my other desktop. as far as i can tell the motherboard is getting power as the processor's heat sink is working normally fans spin etc. ive even tried installing a geforce 8600 nvidia graphics card into the board which also works in my other machine and can't get any video from it even though i can see it running and receiving power.
  4. And if that will not help, try to exchange the battery.
  5. nikorr said:
    And if that will not help, try to exchange the battery.

    tried both resetting the CMOS and a new battery as the battery works in another board in another machine, neither works but i know the board has to be getting power since the card runs when installed it simply doesnt give video output...
  6. Ok so you have a bad motherboard or a bad power supply.
  7. If u remove the video card, did u tried the VGA?
  8. What's the PSU?
  9. nikorr said:
    What's the PSU?

    its a 400 watt and it works fine the optical drive and hard drive are getting power and running normally as did the vid card when i plugged it into the board i used dvi on the vid card as thats all it has, ive tried the dvi, the vga and the hdmi on the board nothing works as far as bringing up something in the form of a bios or any kind of image on the screen, and i know it should work as the monitor and all other parts work with the monitor
  10. Well, if u are sure about the PSU, I would RMA the board.

    RMA @
  11. One more thing to check, the 4pin, make sure its in it the right way.
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