Have a problem with pc starting

hey guys i need your help again...
just upgraded my pc and everything is ok but for my startup.
when i turn on my pc it kinda delays to start what i mean is that when i press the power button it turns on for 1 sec then
everything is like working except for the fans and cpu like when it goes to sleep mode and after 3 sec it starts.
is this something i should be concerned? did i do something wrong in assambling it?or does it have to do with the bios?

my stuff i upgraded are

asus p7p55d -e
kingston 4gb 1333
i5 760

thank you again for all your help
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  1. Check to make sure all components are properly inserted, that all power cords are connected, and search for any possible short circuits caused by the motherboard touching exposed metal on the case or motherboard tray.
  2. thank you for your replay. i did as you said but nothing everything is in place the motherboard is not touching the case or the motherboard tray. im starting to get worried anything else i could do?
  3. hey everyone found out my problem with the computer starting and i would like to
    share it with you guys for you to know if your in the simular case.
    it was a bios feature "oc tuner" it was on turbo mode. it has other 2 choses to make
    "good performance" and "best performance" changed that to good performance and everything is ok. just wanted to share that with you.thank you very much for your help for all my questions i ve made. your the best
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