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Hello I bought a Corsair TX 750W off newegg and I installed it all properly to my motherboad then I turn it on, the fans go everything seems fine but I get no video, I have tried two different monitors, still no video, and when I plug in my OLD psu (thermaltake 450W) everything works like a charm

my comp

Windows 7 ULTIMATE 64 BIT

3.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon X2 250 processor

Nvidia 8600 GT video card

asus M4A78-EM Motherboard

could it be anything but a RMA request?

heres a link to the PSU I bought
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  1. You double checked all cables that they where seated correctly?
    Wouldn't be the first time i saw people connect stuff only half way ;)

    If you are sure everything was ok and double checked it, then logicly there would only be one solution yes... RMA
  2. if my hard drives are not plugged in I will still get video when I start comp correct? it just wont go past bios?
  3. yes you would get a error stating there is no os, but will start past POST and bios first
  4. PSUs can just do that though? have everything start all fans and everything and just no video?
  5. yes if the psu if faulty and doesn't deliver the necessary voltages then a system can seem dead.
    Looking at the fact that your old psu i powering up the system as it should and your new psu is way more powerful it's clear the fault is at the psu rather then the rest of the system.
  6. well I replugged in the PSU with no hardrives and I got video, then I plugged everything in again perfectly and the new PSU works so I dunno, maybe i had a loose cable the first time. I just hope it works after I get my new vid card haha

    on a side note, it seems my speakers got louder? maybe its just my head....
  7. Your speakers getting louder after a psu change is next to impossible.
    Think it's just you still recovering from all the silence of a non working rig xD
    Hope all goes well from here, have fun with your new gfx card later on !!
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