My Computer Wont recognize the hard drive

Tried the Windows 7 boot disk, nothing, not detecting the hard drive. Tried the Seagate firmware update, nothing, not detecting a hard drive. The computer comes on, but when it does the diagnostic, there is no hard drive recognized. Do I need a new hard drive, or could it be another problem and how do I find out? If it is a hard drive issue, how can I get my files from the old hard drive? THANKS!
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  1. Is it recognized in the bios? When you picked the port on the MB to attach the comm cable, did the BIOS indicate the correct port? Was the HDD originally on a IDE, ACHI or SATA connection? Power cable attached?

    Try a different port. Try a different comm cable. Set the BIOS to match what the HDD was originally hooked up as. Try a different power cable.
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