It's the 5670 ok for my system and budget?

Hello there,
I have a C2D E7500(2,93 ghz), 3 gigas of RAM DDR2 800, and a mobo Intel DG41RQ, PSU 450W (generic), and a monitor whose maximum resolution is 1360x768. My budget is 150 dollars (Take in account that I live in Argentina and the 5670 costs that). Its the 5670 ok, or shold I choose another one?

I'd like to play games at full resolution (1360x786) and in medium-high, depending the game.

PS: Obviously, I'm talking bout the 1gb 5670
PSS: Here you have some Argentinian prices

Thank you very much :wahoo:
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  1. At your resolution the HD5670 will play most games at high settings, but seriously there are no benefits at all of getting the 1gb version, it gives no increase of fps and definitely none at that low resolution :P
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