Which Stick Should I get? 9-9-9-24 or (-2N)

I'm looking to build a new rig an I had already picked out RAM that was compatible with the Motherboard. However, I found RAM that was exactly the same everything except timing and it confused me. So I looked it up and someone helped out by saying no to both because of the motherboard. So just to be safe I'd like to ask:

Which set of RAM should I get...
...or this one...

...for this motherboard.

Is one stick better than the other or one or both not good for my mobo?
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  1. Go for this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220570 instead of the ripjaws. I've used both these brands and always take the opportunity to save some dough whenever possible. Both should work fine and have the same timings and voltage.
  2. That one has way more bad reviews, and while I can certainly send it back for a replacement I would rather avoid the hassle. Unless for some reason the ones I picked are bad for my board, I'll stick with one of these. That is, if I can figure out what the difference is. If I cant, I may just take yo up on your offer. If anything for the price. In either case I would still like to know the difference.
  3. The first set of ripjaws is xmp certified, which means if you set your board bios to xmp, it will automatically detect the proper ram speed. that's the only difference I can see. Remember that if the maximum default ram speed is 1333 in your Intel bios, then that's the speed your board may use, but others may verify this; haven't used the newer Intel chipsets yet. Waiting for Ivy bridge.
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